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Women and their right to elect a surname

It is common practice that a woman when marrying, either retains her maiden name, assumes her husband’s surname or changes her surname to a double-barrel surname (now very popular). Similarly, on divorce, a woman either reverts to her maiden surname, retains her...

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Date of Transaction

  The term adiation is a term adopted from the Roman law signifying the acceptance of an inheritance by an heir. The heir is not bound to accept an inheritance, but must make a decision as to whether it will be accepted or not. Over the years there has been much...

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Life Rights in Terms of Act 65 of 1988

Life rights that are acquired in retirement villages are normally subject to the Housing Schemes for Retirement Persons Act, No 65 of 1988. The question requiring an answer is whether another party, such as a spouse, is entitled to enjoy the property (life right)...

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