Notarial Services

A notary is an admitted attorney with an additional qualification who has been admitted as such by the High Court.

Certain documents should be drafted with the specialised expertise and skills of a Notary public.  The office of notary enjoys high regard since he is deemed to be a specialist in his field.  The office of notary also enjoys high regard since he is instrumental in facilitating contractual actions by means of legally enforceable notarial deeds executed before him, to third parties, with the latter being able to rely on the accuracy of the information.

The office on notary is subject to strict norms and a high standard of conduct, which include the following:

  • Knowledge and skill
  • Care and accuracy
  • Confidentiality and privilege
  • Professional independence
  • Official record (protocol)


The following services fall within the exclusive expertise of a notary:

  • Authentication of documents for use outside South Africa;
  • Authentication of documents for use within the Republic of South Africa
  • Apostille for use outside South Africa
  • Certification of documents;
  • Drafting and registration of the following transactions:
  • Antenuptial contracts;
  • Personal servitudes
  • Praedial servitudes
  • Long-term leases, cession of leases and subleases
  • Termination of leases and subleases
  • Notarial bonds
  • Notarial tie agreements
  • Notarial deed of cession of real right to extend the scheme
  • Notarial deed of cession of real right of exclusive use area
  • Servitudes over or in favour of common property